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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our Heng Shan Do Winston-Salem Martial Arts School!

Have you ever told your children that they cannot go out and play until their homework is done?


Have you ever told them that they cannot practice piano until their homework is done?

Probably not!

...As parents, we have the responsibility to determine the relative value of our children's activities and to set priorities.

Your child is now entering a new and exciting adventure in personal growth: the study of Heng Shan Do. The study of this art — not sport — is not merely play, although we know your child will have fun in the process. The Art of Kung Fu represents educational challenges on many levels.

Some of the educational skills we have observed develop in martial arts classes include:

  • Listening skills ["s/he doesn't listen in class!"]
  • Eye contact skills ["s/he's looking at everything but what the teacher says to look at!"]
  • Eye-hand coordination skills, which influence writing and math performance.
  • Concentration skills, which carry over to all branches of learning.
  • Self-discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem, which improve over-all academic achievement.

We have often observed "C" students blossom into "A" students as a direct result of serious dedication to the Art of Kung Fu.

Your child is being taught how to focus, how to develop directed consciousness skills: to unify body, mind and spirit by striving to master a physical discipline, with a mental thrust, that is spiritual: the Art of Heng Shan Do.

In addition to this directed consciousness training, themes and character qualities are explored:

  • Respect -- toward parents, teachers, fellow students, family and friends,
  • Centering -- mental and emotional clarity,
  • Balance -- the balanced use of strength and compassion,
  • The tremendous worth of human life.

It is for all these reasons that we ask your cooperation in helping your child succeed. If possible:

Please! Do not use Kung Fu as punishment or leverage to get your child to do his or her homework or other activities that you — rightfully — value. It is very difficult to get your child to take this self-discipline seriously when piano practice or taking out the garbage is placed above it. From our side, we emphasize the importance of school homework, preparation for exams (in advance, so they don't miss Kung Fu nights) and academic excellence in general. If you are having a problem, please don't just keep the child home. Sometimes a word from the Kung Fu teacher can have a powerful impact in the child's academic world. Let's work together.

Please! Try to have your child at every class — on time. If you value their attendance, they will too and adopt a greater sense of responsibility. Obviously, also, they will learn better if they are there!

Please! Encourage your child to practice 15-20 minutes a day. Think of Kung Fu as piano lessons which require your encouragement, not just after-school "baby-sitting".

Please! Remind them to respect the discipline and self-discipline taught in the class: have fun; do what the teacher says; DO ask questions; DON'T answer back.

Occasionally, a student is not ready to begin the study of martial arts. This might happen due to developmental or coordination problems, socialization skills, and so forth. We will discuss this with you as soon as it becomes obvious. Please understand that we would only ask that you remove the child from the class if it were in the child's best interests. If you believe your child is mis-using what s/he has learned, please contact us immediately so that we can work together to solve the problem.

We wish you and your child great success and enjoyment of Heng Shan Do.  We look forward to meeting you.


The Students and Teachers of Heng Shan Do.

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