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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our Heng Shan Do Winston-Salem Martial Arts School!

Have you ever told your children that they cannot go out and play until their homework is done?


Have you ever told them that they cannot practice piano until their homework is done?

Probably not!

...As parents, we have the responsibility to determine the relative value of our children's activities and to set priorities.

Your child is now entering a new and exciting adventure in personal growth: the study of Heng Shan Do. The study of this art — not sport — is not merely play, although we know your child will have fun in the process. The Art of Kung Fu represents educational challenges on many levels.

Some of the educational skills we have observed develop in martial arts classes include:

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"What's the difference between Heng Shan Wu Guan and Heng Shan Do?"

~ Heng Shan Wu Guan is the name of the martial arts school (Wu means "martial" and Guan means "school" or "establishment") and Heng Shan Do is the name of the primary style that we practice.

"Is Heng Shan Do an authentic martial art?"

~ Yes. Our origins lie directly with Grandmasters Chen Mai-Shou and Cheng Man-Ch'ing of China, and the present instructors are no more than three generations removed from those progenitors. We also include Japanese elements such as tensho and a shotokan form, bringing the influences of Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi and Herman Kauz, among others.

"What styles of martial arts are part of the study of Heng Shan Do?"

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